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Simplify Data Management

Everyday your company is flooded with information.

Some is useless and should not slow you down but some will lead directly to your company’s growth.
Our offering The challenge is to easily collect, secure, analyze, and broadcast this precious information without wasting your time or having to keep track of ever-increasing data sources. PyraSolutions simplifies how your organization gathers and leverages knowledge so you can focus on running a successful operation.

All our modules can be used as standalone so you can start using our platform at your pace and address the areas that matter the most first.


SmartForms™: Surveys, forms, and checklists in seconds.

Why use SmartForms?

Done!Entirely web-based, you can even access SmartForms from a mobile device
Done!Simple interface, multiple question types and actions let you create quiz and assessments that are meaningful to your audience
Done!Automatic analysis of the answers
Done!Immediately export results into Microsoft Excel and other formats

Our users love SmartForms

"We use SmartFormsTM to track our customers' preferences and sentiments towards future products. The points system is a useful feature as it allows us to find outlying responses and react to them fast. The customizable content depending on the user's score is great at automatically following up with potential customers." (Marcin at Want to see who else uses our platform? Check out our customer list in our FAQ!

Want to know more?

You can find the right plan for your organization here. You can also read the FAQ.


Change the way you collect and manage your data.

Tired of having to wait 3 years for your SAP integration project to be completed?
Are you getting slightly annoyed at having to make 3927 different software and API work together?

PyraSolutions can already help you out of the box but we have included something even better!

If you cannot afford to slow-down your business and wait for a vendor to modify their software so you can capture more data points or if you find it rather unacceptable to waste all your integration efforts each time a new version come up, SmartAttributes™ is going to help you change your approach to data collection & management..

SmartAttributes™ are currently in private trial (and used in production on a site like TravelinWheels) so contact us today and join the beta for this module that will make integration, growth, and planning so much simpler!

SmartNotify™: Communication. Simplified

Visit smartnotify, communications simplified
(visit the SmartNotify site)

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