About Gregory

Several people have asked me for a page that lists the presentations and articles I have written so here it is.

Besised my work at SmartNotify.us I am also part of the Intel Software Innovators' program where we get to play with some really cool technologies, including Android, Real Sense Computing and the wonderful world of the Internet of Things.

This is how I got the idea to start interviewing other makers and find people who use technology in a way that impacts (positively) other peoples' lives.  You can find me on Twitter @pyramedium.  Views expressed in this blog are most definitely my own.

Presentations and Conferences

  • Why we use the Intel XDK (from Html5Dev Conf SF '13)
  • APIDays Barcelona: Who owns the API Gold Mine? May 2014
  • APIDays Berlin: Who owns the API Gold Mine? May 2014
  • Internet of Things Conference 2014 - SmartNotify Presentation
  • Mobile World Conference 2014: Gamification-Panel
  • Intro to the Intel XDK at Afpa, 2014
  • HTML5-meetup Paris: Using the Intel XDK, 2014
  • Microsoft Demo Days February 2014 (view at 1:41:00)
  • Why do we use the Intel XDK for SmartNotify
  • API Days Contest (winners) for SmartNotify 2013 (view at 19:45)
  • HTML5 Developpers' Conference 2013, KeyNote (view at 27:00)
  • HTML5 Developpers' Conference 2013: Gamification Techniques
  • Mobile World Conference 2013: Why we use Twilio
  • HMTL5 Developpers' Conference (San Francisco) April 2013 
  • European Software Conference 2012: Selling Sofware Internationally.
  • Business of Software Ligthing talk. 2012 (view)


I often give interviews, especially as SmartNotify is growing.  You can get all the SmartNotify related content here.


I also write articles on different media. Besides the blog, you can also read many of my posts on Rude Baguette:

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