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IDF 2014 Conference: Top 5 take-away

by: GREGORY MENVIELLE follow me on twitter Follow me on twitter

For the longest time I always thought that all Intel sold were the processors that kept my computer humming.


I was wrong. 

A few years ago I was introduced to the software side of Intel and now we use their XDK to build SmartNotify™ mobile app. Last week, I travelled to San Francisco to attend the IDF Conference, which is 3 days of all things Intel, filled with keynotes, presentations, hands-on labs, and exhibits.


Here is my top 5 from the show:


1- Moore’s law shows no sign of slowing down:  I am not in the hardware business so I will not insult you with my take on processors’ specs, however, it is amazing to see how much faster and smaller the processors are becoming.
Unfortunately I did not see any of the vendors address the cooling issue.  Those things run hot and cooling the hardware is going to become an incremental challenge in the age of datacenters and environmental preservation.


2- The new Dell tablet is really cool…to some extent:  I got to play with the forthcoming Dell Tablet. The one that was showcased during the keynote by Michael Dell and that is so thin you’d think it has an anorexia problem.
The last time I had any tablet envy was when I got to play with the new generation of Nexus tablets and the Dell one sure prompted a new round of wondering if I could sneak one out of the show unnoticed (update:  I did not!)  It’s light, well built, and the cameras in the back open up a world of new opportunities.
But…there was no mention of price at the show so it’s difficult to know where it will be positioned in the market.

And speaking of market penetration I wonder how much of an ecosystem is ready to support all the new features packed in the device.


3- Will it ever be the year of Connected Devices?  Drones, houses, sensors, wearables…Connected Devices are the buzzword in the industry and everyone is trying to get into the game.  Intel has a new generation of the Galileo Board (look out for a build of how we integrate it with SmartNotify™ in a forthcoming post) that will help people get started. I also saw some interesting ideas from Microsoft that could help them boost the adoption of Windows 8.  And no, it did not involve hooking up Minecraft to a connected dog-tracking collar!

Many companies were showcasing what “could be” though very few seemed ready to address head-on the biggest challenge that Connected Devices are going to bring:  How to manage the onslaught of data thrown at us?  And at which point will get tired of hearing our wearables tell us we need to eat more vegetables?

4- The x-factor for event organizers: Reliable Wifi.  Wifi was iffy at best at the conference and it put a strain on presentations, demos, and even the mobile apps. The problem with this is that it gives everyone a bad experience that takes away from the whole conference
I wonder when a vendor is going to step up with a smart, innovative, solution to solve this problem.


5- It just takes 5 minutes to transform bananas into a piano.  I promise. Here it is!


If you attended IDF, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the conference, especially if you were a repeat participant. Make sure you drop us a line or tweet to us @pyramedium
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